Cheers from the beers

The Beers in the New Year Part 2

Lary Lager and french Champange

Larry and Geordie take a trip to France on a booze cruise. Before they do their shopping they pay a visit to Paul's snooty French Cousin Jean-Paul Champange. Larry had heard Jean-Paul needed some new gate posts so took him some as a gift thinking they would look perfect only to find Jean-Paul has already had some installed. Larry's suggestion of cracking open the gate posts and having a drink and then replacing them with his own met with a frosty response from Jean-Paul who tells them to take the monstrositys away and never bring them back. Geordie then says he knew they should have brought Newcastle Brown Ale Bottles instead.

Larry Lager and Geordie Brown cruise back from France crossing the English Channel
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After picking their booze in France Larry and Geordie realised they had forgotten to buy return tickets on the ferry and because they had spent so much money they hadn't enough to buy any. Geordie had a brianwave and they decided to use the gate posts they had brought for Jean-Paul as floats so they could sail Larry's van back home. Halfway home some seagull's approached and Larry joked to Geordie here come some birds for you. Geordie replied what are we going to do if they don't drink beer to which Larry replies they will they have heard this is a real Booze Cruise.

Geordies House Newcastle Upon Tyne

Geordie invites the family up to Newcastle to see his recently restored Ford Cortina MK III. Paul and Pauline along with Larry and Paula Lager, and Paul's sister Beatrix Beer are able to attend. As Geordie and Beatrix discuss Ford Cortinas, Paula and Geordette are far more interested in Geordette's Audi TT Convertable. Paula asks Geordette if Larry was right when he said TT stood for top totty. Paul who has no interest in any of the cars places a model of Jonny Walker in Geordie's Beer feature. He says no Beer feature would be complete without Jonny. While at the pond he has been admiring Geordies model of the Tuxedo Princess nightclub moored under the mini Tyne Bridge. Larry jokes to Pauline that Paul is coming back because they would not let him into the nightclub in such a ridiculous shirt.

The Cider House Cheshire

This was a happy year for the Cider's. Paulette and Jonny announced their Engagement. A great engagement party was held at the Cider household near Knutsford. As the family started to arrive for the event Geordie chatted to Sid Cider Paulette's father, about the quality of apples for cider making in the Newcastle area. Paul made his way to the house to see Pauline who was already upstairs settling into their room. Beatrix and Geordette chatted about cars before heading into the house to help Paula and her mother Cindy Cider with preparations for the party. Larry Lager jokes to Jonny that he was going to ring him but didn't bother because he'd heard he was engaged. Jonny was enjoying a Dip in the Cider's pool in the new flagon extension but had broken off to chat with Paulette.

Glenfiddich and Sue fiddich bring 12 year old malt to uncle Larrys and Auntie Paula,s for a party

Larry's sister Sue Fiddich and her husband Glen have arrived at the Lager household with their son Malt for his 12th birthday party. While Paula comes out to meet the visitors Larry is up the ladder finishing off the last of the decorations. Glen heads off to help Larry, while Sue asks Paula to come and help coax Malt out of the car. He is refusing to get out as he knows he is going to be embarrassed by Uncle Larry's jokes about him being a 12 year old single Malt. Meanwhile Grumpy neighbour Cedric Stout is angrily complaining about the decorations spoiling the tone of the neighbourhood and cars parking on the grass. Larry tells the guests to ignore him because he has done nothing but moan since he built the Tudor extension. To which Paula says it didn't help when you asked him for design ideas claiming he should be able to remember the Tudor period from his childhood.

The Beers in the New Year Part 1

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