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The Museum of Science and Industry Manchester style class 76 locomotive

Class 76 locomotive cab Museum of Science and Industry Manchester

This is a preseved cab of a British Railways Class 76 originally these locos were built and known as the EM1 Locomotive it was used on one of Britain's first electrified railways the Woodhead Route between Sheffield and Manchester now sadly Dissused.
Work on electrifying the line started before the second world war but was not completed untill 1954. The Woodhead Railway between Penistone and Hadfield w as shut in 1981 and saw the scrapping of the class 76 locomotives The Woodhead rail route gets a mention in my
train ride from Huddersfield to Sheffield
also my
bus ride from Sheffield to Doncaster
and my
bus ride from Sheffield to Barnsley
also my
camera never lies page
in which a Manchester and Sheffield tram are shown passing at the mouth of Woodhead Tunnel

Museum of Science and Industry Manchester 76039 cab

The preserved cab used to belong to 76039 that was built in British Rails locomtive works Gorton in Manchester in 1952 with a serial nunber of 1055

Tommy electic Locomotive in Manchester

A view of 76039's cab's interior

British Railways cab 76039 Museum of Science and Industry

Another view of 76039's cab

A Drivers accommodation of a class 76 locomotive Museum of Science and Industry Manchester

Another view inside the cab

The back of the cab of class 76 EM1 with the nameplate Hector

View of the cab from the rear and the locomotives nameplate Hector

76037 in use

This picture shows 76037 and an unidentified 76 in use.
This photo and the 3 photos below have been published with the kind permision of a work colleague and friend.
The gentleman driving this 76 and the locomotives below is his farther doing what must be one of the best if not the best job in the world

76013 tommy locomotive

Also driving 76013

Class 45 Peak awaiting departure with a train for London St Pancras at Sheffield Midland station

This picture shows how versatile the men who drove the class 76's were my colleagues farther about to take class 45 Peak with a set of MK2E air conditioned coaches (Coffin Coaches) to London St Pancras from Sheffield Midland in the late 1970's or early 1980's

31297 with Johns dad relaxing

And here he is relaxing leaning out of 31297 chilling.
The career of the men who drove the class 76's included much more than just these special and unique locos.
My colleagues farther started work as a cleaner at Darnall sheds in Sheffield. He moved on to preparing steam locomotives for a days duty this was no mean task firing up a boiler from cold.
Then he became a fireman shoveling coal into the firebox of a speeding steam locomotive which was not for the faint hearted.
After which he reached the holy grail as a driver.
In the early days he was driving steam locomotives. With British Railways modernisation moved onto diesels and electric locos electrics been class 76's. And just before retirement he was driving Inter City 125's.(High Speed Trains, HST 's ) to London St Pancras from Sheffield.
My understanding of it is he retired with regrets which I understand as my own farther was a bus driver the second best job in the world and retired with the same regrets.
Both my colleagues farther and my own are a massive tribute to the world of public transport.

Heres to show the link between Steam trains and modern day 2013 the Inter City 125 HST is still in use today on front line services although in much reduced numbers
To my Knowledge they are still in service with East Coast been used on such as London to Inverness and Aberdeen services Cross Country such as Penzance to Edinburgh services East Midlands trains between London and Sheffield my colleagues farthers route and First Great Western between London and Penzance and incredibly still on the routes they were originally introduced on between London Bristol and Swansea. They work alongside much newer trains but hold thier own and are just as comfortable and smooth to ride in.
To say Inter City 125's were Introduced to British Rail in 1976
(they first ran between London Paddington, Bristol and Swansea)
having been developed in the Sixties is quite an achievement at 38 years old.
The fact my colleagues farther drove steam engines,.Class 76's and Inter City 125's brings the link with the past to life.

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