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The Japanese Kamikazie sucide bomb

Suicide Bomb Kamikazie Museum of Science and Industry Manchester

To fly in this you would have to be a true lunatictraveler.
This is a Kamikazie a suicide bomb used by the Japanese in World War 2.
This is a Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka (Cherry Blossom) Model ll.
In Japanese history a Kamikaze was a a divine wind that helped to destroy an invader. The same name was given to the pilots who flew these machines prepared to sacrifice thier lives in the defence of Japan.
It is a rocket powered bomb used to destroy American and British ships. It would be launched from a bomber in the target area. It would fly at 403 miles an hour (648 km/h) and carried 2646 lb (1200 kg) of explosive fused to detonate on impact.
755 Ohkas were made. Many of the pilots who flew them were either volunteers or selected from the workers who built them.
The first time a Ohka was used successfully was on 1st April 1945 when it damaged the warship USS Virginia

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