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Power Boat
Miss Windermere V1

PoPower Boat Miss Windermere V1 Museum of Science and Industry Manchester

Power Boat
Miss Windermere V1
In 1993 Peter Lee from Chorley and Ron Wolbold decided to build a boat to break the Lake Windermere British and World immersed propeller records
In 1995 Jim Noone drove the boat to a new Windermere record of 109.9 mph (176.8 kmph)
Two years later new world British and lake records were set at 145,5 mph (234.2 kmph)
In 2003 it was increased to 155mph (249.5kmph) with a top speed of 160.2 mph (257.9 kmph)
Miss Windermere V1 is a hydroplane. It lifts out of the water at about 120 mph (190 kmph) and skims the surface. This reduces friction and so maximises engine power. As speed increases, the hydroplane becomes less stable as the boat attempts to fly. The driver has to keep the boat on an knife edge between maximum speed and uncontrollability

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