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Manchester to York via Haworth
sugesstions from in reply to Anthony S Australia

Anthonys email

Hiya Great website at lunatic Travel - coming from Australia where the public transport system is no where near as good as the UK I can see you are spoilt for travel options. I really appreciated all the photos along the different routes and the mini map which I can't readily find anywhere else. I'm travelling to the UK this September and wanted to take a bus or train from Manchester to York along the best route through the Saddleworth Moors via Haworth to York. Wondered whether you have any suggestions for most scenic options? Thanks again Reply

Hello re your journey Manchester to York via Haworth I have drawn a map to give you an idea of how you could make this journey by bus using different routes as there are many ways you could do this journey this map is far from definitave and there are other options

Map showing how to link up local buses to travel long distances

My recomended route to see the best scenery. Would be take the 17 bus Manchester to Rochdale.documented on my site click on the link below
Then take the 528 Rochdale to Halifax hourly service through the day
Then take a 592 or other bus from Halifax to Hebden Bridge there are frequent buses between the two places
Then the 500 to Haworth. This is not a frequent service you would need the timetable. The scenery is spectacular.
Then take A bus to keighley these are regular then take a 760 to Leeds this is a regular service through the day
Then take Yorkshire Coastliner to York this is documented on my site click on the link below

If however the 500 does not work for you with times after arriving in Halifax off the 528 take the 576 to Bradford this must be one of the most Spectacular urban journeys in the world sit on the top deck and admire the views you will see what I mean This is a frequent service.
Once in Bradford take the 662 tp Keighley this is a frequent service and the the bus to Haworth. Return to Keighley and then co tinue to Leeds on the 760

You may of course choose a different route Orange lines are routes not documented on my site green lines are and have the appropriate links

All the timetables of the orange routes can be download in pdf format from West Yorkshire Metros website the green routes timetables can be downloaded directly from my site. If you are using a mobile the West Yorkshire site will come up with the mobile version go to the desktop version the link is at the bottom of thier page and then go to bus timetables

buses Yorkshire Coastliner with lots of information
Yorkshire Coastliner network Leeds to Scarborough Whitby and Bridllington

buses Manchester to Burnley with lots of information
X43 Manchester Burnley

buses Manchester Rochdale with lots of information
17 Manchester to Rochdale

buses Manchester to Huddersfield with lots of information
184 Manchester to Huddersfield

buses Halifax to Huddersfield with lots of information
503 Halifax to Huddersfield

If you choose to use the train use First Transpennine express from Manchester to Leeds the scenery is ok but you dont see a lot because they are fast then catch a train to Keighley
To see more on the rail journey from Leeds to Keighley see my Journey from Leeds to Carlisle Appropriate timetables for Leeds to Keighley can be downloaded from this page Then take the bus to Haworth or if you choose there is the preseved steam railway that will take you from Keighley to Haworth the Keighley and Worth Valley. A link to thier website can be found on a train ride from Leeds to Carlisle

Bear in mind part of the journeys you are making is across the Pennines and there will be good scenery which ever way you go I have just recommended what I consider are the most scenic bus routes you can use access the Pennines

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West Yorkshire Dayrover

Manchester Wayfarer

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How to link local buses to make long distance travel

To see a map of the bus routes. of and start to build up a picture of how to make long distance travel using local buses
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