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Query from Sheetal London

Sheetal email

Subject: Help needed in planning train travel between windermere and oxenholme

Dear Lunatictravel,First of all, THANK YOU for having a website that gives so much information on train travel between Oxenholme and Windermere.

I would like to check something out with you :

We will be traveling from London to Lake District by train and then leaving Lake District for Edinburgh by train.

The train bookings that I am getting for the Lake District to Edinburgh leg of the journey is as follows :a) Windermere to Oxenholme - TPE train departing Windermere at 19:06 and reaching Oxenholme at 19:23.b) Oxenholme to Edinburgh - TPE train departing Oxenholme at 19:28.My concern is whether 5 minutes is sufficient time to make the train change at Oxenholme station. Will the 2 trains be across each other at the platform so that we can just exit from one and walk over to to the other or are does it require an overhead walk in order to get to another platform to board the Oxenholme - Edinburgh train?I am not able to find this information anywhere at all.My other option is to take the train from Windermere - Oxenholme at 18:06 but I am not 100% sure that I will be back from my already booked day tour of Lake District to catch this train. Are there any other options that I have to get to Oxenholme from Windermere by 19:28 pm?Please help.Thank you so much in advance.Kind regards,Sheetal answer

The change you have to make at Oxenholme is simple view the picture below and the wording underneath

trains at Oxenholme

This picture was taken from a London bound train. The blue and pink train you can see in the distance is on the Windermere branch line the train you can see coming towards us is an Edinburgh bound train. Because of the track layout at Oxenholme it will always be like this so as you can see a very simple walk to get from Windermere to Edinburgh.

See my train ride
train ride from Carlise to Preston
to put the above picture into perspective

However if you can only use the train to Edinburgh you are booked on use the earlier train I certainly would not risk that connection paticulary so late in the day the 19.28 is the last through train from Oxenholme to Edinburgh, there is a train at 20.08 to Glasgow but you would have to get from Glasgow Central to Glasgow Queen St to get a train to Edinburgh with an open ticket thats fine. But if to get a good fare you need to be on that train then my advice would be to catch the earlier train from Windermere to be sure. You could find it very expensive if the train from Windermere is just a few minutes late.

The bus would not be a viable option as its two buses to get from Windermere to Oxenholme with a change in Kendal at that time there might not even be any buses and even if there are this would be a slow journey.

The only other wsy is a taxi which would take maybe 30 mins but that would be expensive

In my experience you have a 90% chance of things been fine if you take the 19.06 train from Windermere but at least by taking the earlier train you know you should have no problem at all

Hope this info has been some use to ypu and enjoy the Lake District its a very special place

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