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West Yorkshire Dayrover

A great ticket valid on all trains and buses in West Yorkshire a very distinctive County stretching from the top of the pennines through the pennine towns of Halifax and Huddersfield to the cities of Bradford and Leeds to the Boundary of North Yorkshire near the A1. Also taking in Ilkley and Keighly and one of Yorkshires most well known landmarks Ilkley Moor

Time restrictions apply.

Prices correct as of January 2014


Family Dayrover
2 adults and up to 3 children or 1 adult and up to 4 children.

Where You can buy this ticket.

DayRover tickets DayRover tickets come in two types, scratch-off or pre-dated, depending on when you want to travel.

Family DayRover and Train & Bus DayRover can be bought from:

Bradford Interchange

Bus stations at:
& Wakefield.

First Travel Shop Leeds
Leeds Visitor Centre
and some Tourist Information Centres
Most Post Offices in West Yorkshire.

Staffed rail stations
Please note if you buy at a railway station you can not buy the scratchcard version of this ticket

Where and when you can use this ticket

West Yorkshire Dayrover can be used after 9.30 am Monday to Friday and at any time weekends and public holidays.
Please note from September 2014 Day Rover Tickets cannot be used between 16.01 and 18.29 Monday to Friday on Northern Rail services in West Yorkshire

Map Approximate boundary point to where Services Ref Metro tickets and concessions are valid

1 Eastburn - Sutton Lane End.
Services 20, 21, 22, 25, 65, 66, 66A, 66C, 78A 78A, SS1

2 Silsden - County Boundary.
Service 70

3 Chelker Reservoir.
Services 883, X84

4 Addingham
Services 74, 884

5 Pool Bridge
Services 767, X52, X53

6 Harewood Bridge
Service 36

7 Wetherby Lodge
Service 770

8 Wetherby - Deighton Bar
Services 413, 780

9 Wetherby - Race Course
Service 412

10 Boston Spa High Street
Service 923

11 Bramham Roundabout
Services 743, 840, 843, 844, 845, X40, X44, X64

12 Micklefield - Boot & Shoe
Services 402, 403

13 Glasshoughton - Junction
Services 32 X62

14 Ferrybridge Square
Services 492, 493

15 Knottingley - Calder Grange Farm
Service 150

16 Knottingley - Broomhill Ave/Womersley Rd
Service 420

17 Darrington - Valley Road
Service 409

18 Walton Wood/Barndale Bar
Servies 408, 430, 496

19 South Kirby - Hilltop Estate
Service 36

20 Windy Nook / Robin Lane
Services 35, 47

21 Brierley Road / Regent Street
Service 46

22 Ryhill - Hallfield Lane
Services 52, 194

23 Notton - Bleakley Terrace
Service 59

24 Barnsley Road / Warren Lane
Service 97

25 Haigh Roundabout
Service 96

26 Clayton West - Bank End Lane
Service 85

27 Falledge Lane
Services 29, 301

28 Snittlegate
Services 20, 57A

29 Standedge - Great Western
Service 184

30 Blackstone Edge Reservoir
Service 528

31 Warland
Services 589, 590

32 Sharneyford
Service 273

33 Portsmouth
Services 1, 589, 592

34 Blackshawhead
Service 517

Metro pre-paid tickets are not valid on these services.

West Yorkshire Map

Click here to see the West Yorkshire Metro web page giving current information and prices on this ticket.
(If this link does not work use the back button on your browser and click on the Metro logo at the top to find this ticket.)

Please be aware there are cheaper tickets available provided by the bus companies if you are staying in a more localised area within West Yorkshire or just using one bus company.
Some of these do cross into surrounding counties and are very useful.
For more information on these visit the West Yorkshire Metro website or the individual bus company website.

Walking boots.
Some walks that fall within the area of the West Yorkshire Day Rover

A walk over Ilkley Moor from Keighley to Ilkley

A walk from the White House pub A58 above Littleborough to Hebden Bridge

More info to follow

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