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A walk from Keighley to Ilkley over Ilkley Moor


Approx 4 to 5 miles
Aprox 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours
Limited refreshments available on route

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West Yorkshire Day Rover
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This is a Straightforward and easy to follow walk over Yorkshires most famous Moor. Although it does have some very steep hills in some places. The views can be breathtaking at times with good views of Wharfedale and in the distance Penyghent and the Yorkshire dales to the North and Airedale and in the distance the Pennines of South Yorkshire to the south

This walk starts in Keighley town centre.
Keighley can be easily reached by train from Leeds, Bradford and Skipton, and also by bus from Leeds, Bradford, Skipton and Burnley amongst other places,
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Keighley railway station

When I did this walk I arrived in Keighley by train from Leeds
Keighley is also passed through on my
train ride from Leeds to Carlisle

Keighley and Worth Valley

As a point of interest Keighley station is shared between Network Rail and the preserved Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, In this shot a steam train can be seen waiting to depart for Oxenhope
for more information visit the
Keighley and Worth Valley website
As a point of interest the Keighley and Worth Valley railway was where the famous The Railway Children was filmed

Keighley station towards the footbridge

Looking back as we walk towards the footbridge at Keighley station an unusual shot the preseved Keighley and Worth Valley line can be seen on the right and the modern Network Rail line can be seen on the left

Cavendish St Keighley West Yorkshire

Before we set off lets go for a little walk round Keighley town centre. This shot is of Cavendish St

Just off Cavendish St is Keighley bus station. This is where you would arrive if you had traveled here by bus

Just off Cavendish St is Keighley bus station. This is where you would arrive if you had traveled here by bus

Inside the Airedale shopping centre Keighley

Behind the bus station is the Airedale shopping centre where there is a good selection of shops. This shot was taken inside the shopping centre

Keighley railway station

When you are ready to start the walk head to Keighley railway station of which the frontage can be seen in this shot we are now on Bradford Rd

Asda Keighley

Although this is totally optional on the opposite side of the road from Keighley railway station is a large Asda supermarket, If you need any refreshments for the walk ahead this is a good place to stop and buy them at reasonable prices

Inside Asda at Keighley

Just in case you do need to go into Asda this is what you will see from the entrance across from Keighley railway station

Bradford Rd Keighley

Once past Asda carry on along Bradford road away from Keighley town centre

Approaching the Aire valley relief road Keighley west Yorkshire

As you walk away from Keighley town centre on Bradford rd cross over to the right hand side (you probably would be already if you had not been to Asda as Keighley railway station is on the right hand side of the road). You will shortly reach a roundabout cross the first road which is the Aire valley relief rd on the pedestrian crossing and take the next road Bradford Rd.

Looking towards Riddlesden

Bradford Rd just off the roundabout looking towards Riddlesden where we are heading for next

About to cross the River Aire as we enter Riddlesden west Yorkshire

Bradford road as we are about to cross the River Aire and Enter Riddlesden

The River Aire at Riddlesden near Keighley West Yorkshire

The River Aire.
To see a picture of the the tidal river Aire see my
bus ride from Doncaster to Goole
and a picture of the River Aire in Leeds city centre see my
bus ride from Wakefield to Leeds

Junction of Granby Lane and Bradford Rd Riddlesden West Yorkshire

As you walk along Bradford Rd you will come to Granby Lane on the left turn up Granby Lane

Swing bridge Granby Lane Riddlesden Marquis of Granby pub in the background

As you turn into Granby Lane there is a little suprise a swingbridge over the Leeds Liverpool Canal.
The Leeds Liverpool Canal also gets a mention in my
bus ride from Manchester to Burnley
train ride from Sheffield to Leeds
also my
bus ride from Bolton to Preston
and my
bus ride from Preston to Burnley
There is also the Marquis of Granby pub here this is the last place you can buy refreshments until Ilkley

Crossing the Leeds Liverpool canal on Granby Lane

Crossing the canal


Looking back at the bridge

Granby Lane

Looking up Granby Lane, This is where the serious uphill walk begins

Banks Lane

At the top of Granby Lane you will come to a T junction with Banks Lane turn left and cross to the right hand side of the rd

St Mary's Rd Riddlesden

Almost straight away you will see St Mary's road on your right it looks more like somones drive but this is the route ahead

Riddlesden west Yorkshire

At the top of St Mary's Rd you will see Unity St which is a very distinctive cobbled street carry on up Unity St

Unity St Riddlesden Keighley West Yorkshire cobbled street

Unity St

Looking back down Unity Street

Looking back down Unity St from this shot you can see how much we have already climbed

Ilkley Road Riddlesden

At the top of Unity St turn right we are now on Ilkley Rd

Leaving Riddlesden on Ilkley Rd

We will now be following Ilkley Rd to the summit of our walk on Ilkley Moor, in this shot we are about to leave Riddlesden and head out into the wilds

Ilkley Rd towards Ilkley Moor

Heading away from Riddlesden on Ilkley Rd

Climbing on towards Ilkley Moor

The scene very quickly changes to rural

Ilkley Rd climbing away from Keighley

Climbing upwards away from Keighley towards Ilkley Moor

View over Keighley from Ilkley Rd above Riddlesden

Looking back towards Keighley we have now really gained some height in the distance behind Keighley is Haworth and Bronte Country

Settlement above Riddlesden

The route on passing a small settlement just before we cross Silsden Rd and St Ln the houses are typical West Yorkshire

Ilkley Rd crossing Silsden Rd and St Ln

Crossing Silsden Rd and St Ln Ilkley Rd carries straight on. Although we still climb steadily the worst of the steep upwards hills are now behind us from this point on

Ilkley Rd heading towards the moors

Heading towards the moors

Looking towards Ilkley Moor

The landscape now really opens out

Looking back down the Aire Valley and beyond

Looking back down Airedale

Approaching the high point of our walk

Approaching the high point of our walk

Looking back towards Keighley

Looking back to Keighley

Looking down Airedale and way beyond to South Yorkshire

Looking down Airedale and way beyond towards South Yorkshire

Crossing from Airedale to Wharfedale on Ilkley Moor

Crossing from Airedale to Wharfedale on the high point of our walk, The Whetstone Gate Radio transmiters can be seen ahead.

The Whetstone Gate radio transmiters Ilkley Moor

Passing the Whetstone Gate radio transmitters. This area is also known as Keighley Gate. This is as far as most normal vehicles can go

Keighley Gate

At this point pass through this gate. and we are now on Keighley Rd

Keighley Rd Ilkley Moor

The Road ahead Wharfedale starts to come into view

Cowper's Cross Ilkley Moor (Rombalds moor)

As you make your way along Keighley Rd you will see Cowper's Cross on your left hand side. there is a short path leading to it if you fancy a closer look. The cross was possibly a christianised monolith, but more likely an original site, put here in an attempt to make local people stop going to the Badger Stone for regular spring gatherings

Phenyghent from Ilkley Moor

At this point Phenyghent and Ingleborough in the Yorkshire Dales can be seen in the distance on our left

Wharfedale from Ilkley Moor (Rombalds Moor)

Also Wharfedale comes into much better view

Keighley Rd leading to Ilkley from Ilkley Moor

Starting our descent to Ilkley

Dropping into Wharfedale

Looks like this road drops over the edge into Wharfedale

View of Ilkley from Ilkley Moor

We don't drop off the edge and Ilkley comes into view

View over Ilkley and Wharfedale

Looking down Keighley Rd towards Ilkley we seem to be rapidly losing height

Keighley rd Ilkley where cars are allowed

Ilkley ever getting nearer, This shot was taken just below the point where normal vehicles can get to out of Ilkley note surfaced road

KKeighley Rd near Ilkley

Still beautiful surroundings though

Picnic Area Ilkley

As we get closer to Ilkley we approach what seems to be a popular picnic area

small river at picnic area above Ilkley

I can understand why it's popular

Approaching the foot of Keighley Rd

Approaching the the end of Keighley Rd at the junction with Wells Rd

Wells road Ilkley west Yorkshire

Heading down Wells Rd just after leaving Keighley Rd

Looking up at Ilkley Moor from  Wells Rd

Looking up at Ilkley Moor from Wells Road

Grand building Ilkley

A grand building can be seen from Wells Road

Wells Road Ilkley

As we head into Ilkley the area takes on the appearance of a park

Ilkley moor from Wells Rd

Looking up at Ilkley Moor at this point Wells Rd leaves the edge of the moor and heads down into Ilkley town centre

Wells road heading into Ilkley

Heading into Ilkley. The road splits at this point

Looking down Wells Promenade Ilkley

Take the left hand fork down the hill which is Wells Promenade as shown in this shot

Ilkley Town Centre

Ilkley town centre, Looking down Brook St from the foot of Wells Promenade. If you are ready to leave Ilkley on the opposite side of the road to the right just out of view in this shot is Ilkley railway station and Ilkley bus station there is a good train service to both Leeds and Bradford from here also busses to Leeds, Bradford and Skipton amongst other places.
Please note the service to Skipton is limited.
for more details.
Ilkley is a fine place to linger with many eateries and pubs. Come for a walk with me and allow me to show you a particularly pleasent pub

Brook St Ilkley

Walk down Brook St which we are on in this shot. A Leeds bound X84 can be seen in this shot

Looking back at Ilkley Moor from Brook St

Looking back at Ilkley Moor from Brook St

The A65 Leeds Road in Ilkley town centre

Looking down the A65 Leeds Road in Ilkley town centre. Cross the A65 and continue straight ahead down New Brook St

New Brook St Ilkley

Heading down New Brook St

Bridge over river Wharfe on new Brook st Ilkley

You will shortly come to a bridge over the River Wharfe just before the bridge go down the steps into the park on the left

Bridge over the River Wharfe

Looking back at the New Brook Rd bridge from the riverside

Riverside Ilkley

From the bridge head along the path by the river through the park

A view arcoss the park by the river Wharfe at Ilkley

A view across the park at Ilkley

The Riverside Hotel Ilkley

You will very quickly arrive at the Riverside Hotel an excellent place to relax and unwind

Outside the riverside hotel

There is a fantastic atmosphere here on a summers evening

The river Wharfe in front of the Riverside Hotel Ilkley

The River Wharfe in front of the Riverside Hotel

Ilkley Railway station and Bus station

When you are ready to leave head back to the railway and bus station which can be seen in this shot
also see my
bus ride from Leeds to Skipton via Otley and Ilkley Service X84
to see details of the X84 bus that stops here as the bus station is right next to the railway station

Trains at Ilkley waiting to depart for Leeds and Bradford

Trains at Ilkley waiting to depart for Leeds and Bradford

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